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On a mission to build and empower teams

The team behind ShowUp.io meet once a week. Whether this is via Zoom or in person, we start each meeting with a mood check and end with acknowledgments. During our stand-up style check-in, we're encouraged to say something that you don't want to say - but needs to be said. We help each other out, and sometimes we call each other out. No matter what - there's no judgment.

We've created a safe space that enables each of us to show up as our true, unique selves and have created a product that we hope will empower your team to do the same.

Message from our founder Yves Doucet

I'm Yves the founder and coach at Showup. As a leader I have discovered that it's scary to ask, it's safer to stay in the know, so I tell myself anyway. Do I actually know better, do I understand that I grow in the asking, in the discovery of what the team truly is?

With the onset of the uncertainty that we live in today has created fear, anxiety and worse, disengagement with our team and communities and as we rush to seek solutions to solve the urgent need to belong we miss the obvious, listening! ๐Ÿ‘‚

Surveys, suggestions, management by walking around and evaluations have gotten a bad rap, but they are just tools. Tools that we have mistakenly used to tell rather than listen for contribution so that our team can make a difference, can be different.

Showup together with the 66 days coaching program has taken away the dogma and replaced it with listening and being in discovery of the possibilities of each member on our teams.

We are not here to tell you what or even how to build a better culture or engage your team, we are here to give you tools, and principles so you can discover the power in your unique team โœŠ

Meet our team

Weโ€™re a product led team with a vision for changing the way companies think about culture. Everyone on our small team wears multiple hats and lives the values that we've tried to instill into the product.

  • Yves Doucet

    Yves Doucet


  • Jody Smallman

    Owen Vibert

    Product Manager

  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    Chief Software Engineer

  • Jamie Vernon

    Dominique Bourgoin

    UX/UI Designer

  • Mike Donavan

    Mike Donovan

    Front-end Developer

  • Leandra

    Leandra Antonutti

    Event Coordinator