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We’re building ShowUp, the team engagement platform you and your team have been dying for. Join us in creating a next-generation app where everyone's voice has impact.

Boost Team Engagement | Build Trust and Safety | Retain Top Talent

Team Trust

High Engagement is Your Key to High Performance

Data’s in – engaged teams perform better. So, what to do? Well, we’re building an app to make it easier for your team to connect and get back to the work that matters most.

  • Ask

    Passive Conversations. Enable ongoing interactive discussions and virtual town halls to gather feedback, helping teams identify topics needing deeper analysis through live conversations.

  • Analyze

    Live Conversations. Get a full picture through live, anonymous Conversations, allowing your team to analyze what’s important to the group, in real time.

  • Act

    Collaborative Action Plan. Take the team’s insight and set it into action. Choose action steps that will have impact and set a Check-in Pulse to monitor progress.

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Create a culture people don't want to leave

Enhance your team meetings with interactive live feedback slides, fostering employee engagement and facilitating insightful analysis. Foster anonymous conversations for honest feedback to bring a new level of engagement to your workplace.

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Gift for beta testers


As a thank you to those of you willing to try ShowUp during our Beta Releases, we’re adding on a few gifts.


  • Sixty-Six Days of Leadership
  • Detached: Journaling Playbook

Leadership & team coaching


Honest conversation and meaningful action can require us to grow. Our coaches are there to help.


Ceating a Conversation

Conversation Slides

Every voice matters. Our anonymous input ensures each idea stands on its own, fostering a truly collaborative space. 

Polling Slides

Engage your team in real-time with dynamic polling slides. Gather valuable insights, opinions, and feedback to drive interactive discussions and decision-making.

Templates for Growth

Conversation templates for employee engagement and company wellness foster meaningful workplace interactions, nurturing growth and well-being.

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Team Pulse and Culture Measurement

Our Pledge

Thriving Workplaces for All

At ShowUp, our guiding star is the conviction that everyone is deserving of a chance to thrive at work. We're dedicated to crafting tools that create a sense of belonging, ignite purpose, and safeguarded by psychological safety, ensuring that every voice is heard and appreciated.

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