Culture Guide - Passion

Passion in the Workplace: ...

People that are passionate about their work will adapt to change more quickly and provide greater value to the organization

Why Passion?

Passion attracts the attention of others. People want to be around it as it fills their environment with excitement, hope, optimism, and possibility. To truly tap into your own passion and enjoy the presence of creativity, it all starts with your own self-awareness of what you need to do to get there. Once you’re ready you will be able to attract interest within your community and significantly contribute to your community’s overall growth while strengthening a sense of togetherness towards the collective vision.

What is Passion?

To have passion is to have desire for something. A shear undefinable enthusiastic feeling that is barely controllable when you allow yourself to fully engage in your creativity. Where there is passion there is purpose. Being able to see a vision of where you fit and be significant. When there is passion there is power. A collective power signified by a force of belief in something that unconsciously impacts and leads you and others to new heights.

When you're following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.

- Shakti Gawain

Passion Metrics to Focus On


Courage can take on so many meanings. The courage to stand up for what you know is right; The courage to take that risk on yourself; The courage to stand alone. In terms of passion, courage means finding that security or trust within yourself to allow yourself to be vulnerable. The courage to be unraveled to learn, to grow, and to connect with your true desire. It takes form as your own personal endeavor to identify what truly motivates you.


Being able to move forward with purpose in work, as in life, may not necessarily require a well thought out plan, but it does require a clear mind, a desire, and a willingness to transition. Momentum in this sense is seeing the continuation of growth and development of your passion through many stages, periods of both focused rational thought and full creative flow aka getting into the zone, once the motion is started.

The creative flow or “in the zone” process is key to a sustainable momentum. As it is in those transitions that you give your creative mind full attention. To get yourself into that flow state, take a break from thinking. Allow yourself to just be with you and do what you love. It’s in that time of both mind and body relaxation that your intuitive mind has room to breathe. Once that moment of clarity happens, embrace it.


To have motivation is to have drive. Wanting your own sense of accomplishment to get things done. It comes from a desire for autonomy and being able to maintain some control over or contribute to outcomes and situations. Without motivation your purpose becomes stagnant along with your ability to significantly make an impact. To truly be motivated, you must resonate with your own sense of accountability and self fulfillment to move ahead.


Having a sense of purpose involves seeing where you belong and where you are meant to shine. We are built to help others and there is no greater sense of purpose then when you can align yourself with who you are meant to be in service to - to share your wisdom with the intent to connect with others and leave an impact to learn from. To have purpose is to put value in the meaning of having a vision to move forward.


To give support to yourself you need to believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to complete a task and add to your growth in knowledge and skill. This means being in tune to your self-efficacy - your own power to create, along with knowing your own triggers that hold you back. Identifying what triggers your fear is the key to overcoming it thereby allowing yourself to reach new heights where people can’t help but be intrigued by you.

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