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ShowUp Team | Published: March 12, 2020
Workplace Culture

One of the most thought-provoking questions is: How does a group of people come up with a solution that is viable and has a chance of getting to the core of the issue and solve it? The issue with solutions that don’t address the real problem is that they tend to cause more dysfunction than the problem itself.

Today’s workplace cultures deserve to have the best chance at moving forward; meaning solving today’s challenges so that they become tomorrow’s opportunities. People need to be in agreement to work together and help each other thrive. That relationship starts with and is built on trust. Trust within a team has the power to pivot workplace performance towards overall organizational productivity and growth.

Trust is in a constant state of motion. In workplace relationships, it can be a long time before it is given yet it can be easily crushed. ShowUp focuses on what is needed to be developed or enhanced at the individual level to help build those working relationships to attain a solid foundation of trust. So that in times of disarray relationships won’t get destroyed; they’ll become stronger and more aligned. Trust can be defined as having a faith and belief in someone.

Cultivating a high-trust culture is not just a ‘soft skill’, it’s a hard necessity.

With trust, there is an unwritten agreement of loyalty thereby allowing you to relax and feel safe in your work environment. The ultimate trust is sustainable when there is no room for feelings of embarrassment, nor acts to blame or punish yourself or others for making a mistake or taking an “out there” risk with an uncertain outcome. Feeling safe to take risks and having faith that you are supported builds the momentum it takes to drive performance.

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What you can do for others, you must be willing to do for yourself first. That builds on your integrity also known as your own strength of character. Believing in yourself to do the right thing and be able to complete the task at hand. Taking a look at your own self-esteem is a great place to start when it comes to how you see yourself doing your best.

When it comes to your performance at work and your ability to work with others, self-esteem is everything. You can build on your self-esteem and change it depending on what you emphasize in relation to how you see yourself, your place at work, and your purpose in your work environment. Your self-esteem is your essence of the image you decide to portray to others.

Trust is the foundation of a safe environment, where individuals and teams can perform at their best.

It is telling of how you choose to wear your confidence in the environments you are exposed to. The important point to remember with your self-esteem is that you have the power to overcome negative thinking and build your confidence. Confidence in yourself and your ability builds on trust within your team.

To build on your confidence recognize all the small action steps you take in a day to help you and your team move forward. Give yourself acknowledgment and positive feedback for every action done out of a need to reach the next stepping stone toward a greater accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem. This will enhance your confidence.

It is known as the power of positive feedback and recognition of your own hard work with the best intent for your team in mind. You may not have all the answers or feel like you are making significant contributions at times, but with your own reflection and recognition of your daily movements will emphasize your commitment. Others will then see the confidence in your eyes and know they can depend on you to follow things through.

There is no greater need for employees than the need to feel a sense of belonging to a team that is effective and who produces results. That being said, paying attention to your own self-esteem builds on your confidence to sustain trust in your work relationships.

Questions such as the following ones are a great review on where you stand in your own self-esteem:

  1. Are you honest with yourself?
  2. Can you stand by what you say?
  3. Do you take responsibility for your actions?
  4. Do you respect yourself?
  5. Can you trust yourself?

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