How to create a workplace culture of success

ShowUp Team | Published: August 13, 2020
Workplace Culture

This is something that everyone wants to know how to do. Everyone shares similar feelings of resent Monday morning on your way to work and thinking ahead to your next day of rest on the weekend. So how can we make work suck less? Think about this.

You come into work Monday morning, there's fresh fruit laid out in reception for you to snack on, you check your emails and you get congratulations from your manager on a job well done last week. Reports from your co-workers letting you know what they're working on, and a news-feed of positive energy from your fellow co-workers. Sounds pretty good now doesn't it?

Customers will never love a company, until the employees love it first

This is what life is like when you work for a company that values honesty, communication, healthy eating initiatives and one that promotes engagement and motivates you. This idea is a new-age initiative that is becoming the norm for many organizations. Studies have shown that organizations who value unique cultures to engage their diverse workplace will see an increase in production. If you're happy at work and feel engaged, you're more likely to be motivated to work harder.

Common issues with companies that experience a lack of culture can be; stress, disengagement of employees, absenteeism and an increased turnover rate. After a tough day at the office with quota's due, managers stressing you out and deadlines you have to meet it can lead to you feeling ill, taking time off from work just to get away from it all and added time to recover from the previous day.

57% of employees who felt stress at work were less productive and engaged, while employees who felt engaged were 27% more likely to report 'excellent' performance.

When you feel more engaged, receive constructive and actionable feedback on your work and are felt appreciated in the workplace, there is less reason for you to avoid work and be-grudgingly finish your day off going through the motions. When you work with someone who fuels your creativity, keeps engagement rates high and have your feedback valued, putting in the extra work becomes complimentary.

There are different types of cultures your company can promote. The key is, to find your organizations north star. What drives your company? What drives your passion? Creating a culture is not a simple process, but it can go a long way to increase your workplace happiness and unify everyone towards a single goal. This is a concept we hope to explore, and something we hope to help implement into every workplace.

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