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Team and Organizational Alignment: ...

Acting in alignment is the epiphany of a strong sustainable culture.

Why Alignment?

Alignment is all about understanding who makes up your community, knowing what your community represents, and having a willingness and desire to be a growing part of it. Acting in alignment is the epiphany of a strong sustainable culture wherein the ability is found in how to amplify its overall strength through an unique community collectiveness that keeps customers coming back, investors interested, and competition in awe.

What is Alignment?

Being aligned with something is having that mould of the perfect fit. The seams are tight, the movement fluid, and there is an overall consistency of forward thinking. Being aligned with your community at your place of work is no different. It takes an understanding of the mission statement, the values, and the standards behind the overall vision, and then a willingness to put the effort in to live it.

By putting a conscious effort into connecting with each other, understanding each other’s needs, and having a desire to help each other solve challenges creates mutually beneficial relationships that are sustainable long term and lead to greater success in revenue and performance.

Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.

– Jim Collins and Jerry Porra.

Alignment Metrics to Focus On


Your behaviors are all about your own methods of meeting your own needs. In regards to alignment with your community, it is also about how you conduct yourself around others. It is knowing your job responsibilities and understanding how to find your place with them within your community. Your behaviors in relation to your job responsibilities stem from your performance motivators. Meaning you will act very differently if you operate from a motivation of doing what you need to do to protect what you have versus doing what you need to do to rise to the occasion and take advantage of every opportunity to create possibility.


A community climate is made up of how you relate to each other and adapt to external pressures or challenges. It is the atmosphere in which you work in. Your workplace climate is a characteristic of daily operations and in turn pretty much holds the power in making your community culture what it is. As over time, patterns of how issues are responded to, how people are treated, and how information is shared signifies what the community truly puts in priority.

A healthy climate is one where the community cares about each other as much as they care about their consumers; where each member of the community has the autonomy to apply what they believe and feel is right to provide excellent customer service and at the same time have a sense of unity in how service is provided; and there remains an unspoken sense of trust, respect and transparency within the community to recognize the contributions of all.


Coordination in attaining alignment is all about your community first incentive and investing in others. This is where you invest your own time and energy into finding out your community’s needs. You can sense, recognize, perceive and then act on demonstrating your own flexibility to adapt to help your community overcome any obstacles. This can be done through taking the time to have direct purposeful conversations with another within your community and showing you genuinely care by being mindful of what is important to others as well as what is important to you. Then finding that common ground of interest to renew, grow, and learn from.


Performance entails your belief in your ability to make an impact. It’s how you see that what you do matters and adds to overall revenue and productivity. It also comes with a sense of humility or humbleness in respect for being one small part of a larger community that can make big movements happen.

Your work ethic is then all about your integrity - your ability to be honest and do what is right by your community. Having these attributes will lead you to new heights in respect for your place within your community and acknowledge what your community places emphasis on. This will add to your purpose, meaning, and self respect.​


Values are your community’s core beliefs in why they do what they do. They are instrumental to your community’s growth. Values are the foundation plus the supporting beams that keep the company up and running. It is important to acknowledge and understand that it is the people that make up the community that are in the position to promote them. Values are the unwritten expectations that individuals within your community place on each other and for each other to follow and stand by. The expected accepted behavior that is to guide all responses while you are in a position that is representative of your community.

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