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Transparency in the Workplace:...

Workplace transparency is the sharing information freely in an effort to benefit the organization and its people

Why Transparency?

Primary human needs include the need to belong and be valued. When a message is conveyed with those needs of others in mind, it sticks. You are more apt to have people remember what you say and receive the support you need when you convey it in a manner consistent with being considerate and sincere, show willingness to cooperate and collaborate, and have accountability for your actions.

What is Transparency?

The meaning of transparency centers on providing clarity in the information that is appropriate to share in a timely manner. Information that is focused on reason and executed with the team’s well-being in mind. Whether the message is to share positive affirmation or identify a need for change, the purpose of this information is to motivate engagement & enhance collaboration through collectively moving forward.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

– Dalai Lama

Transparency Metrics to Focus On


Accountability is your personal ethics. Taking ownership of your own responsibilities and being there as part of the team. In leadership, taking ownership means giving recognition to others and taking responsibility for your part in the chaos of mistakes made. There is a confidence in the skill of being accountable as it includes being able to speak your hard truth and be prepared and able to handle the consequences of voicing your needs.


Transparency is enhanced through collaboration. It is pulling through the action of cooperation of the team to create something new. Collaboration is the essence of true transparency as it build cohesion and creates a psychologically safe environment where team members can participate in dialogue around creative ideas and possibilities. A few tricks you can use next time when collaborating could be; Encourage a creative discussion when speaking about a problem, summarize their points to convey an appreciation of their input and speak clearly when working in a team.


Transparency is not meant to be a “have to” or “need to”, it’s about a “want to”. It is not to partake out of obligation; it is meant to be a form of communication. It is about human connection. An essential component to gain trust within a community. Consideration is to explain to someone what you are about, what you are doing, and to connect where they are at. This requires you to be aware of who you are surrounded by and the role each person plays in moving forward.


Cooperation is the concept within transparency to relay what is pertinent for a team to join together in thought and commitment to focus on moving forward. It is also a change in approach from a “need to know” to an “appropriate to know”. The latter focuses on pertinent information you believe you need to share for staff to feel involved and be part of the solution not the blame. When a team works to find a solution, they are more apt to work together and with cohesiveness when they all start at the same common ground.


Transparency comes naturally when you believe in yourself and stand by what you do. In doing so you give your own actions meaning. Sincerity begins with you as it represents the value you place on connecting with others. It is also about your own authenticity. within transparency that will strengthen your credibility and others. Remember the following tricks; Be genuine in your actions and responses, speak in a positive manner and remember to speak from the heart above all else. Be sincere in how you act and you can expect reciprocation.

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