Officevibe vs 15five: which is the best employee feedback tool?

Managing people is hard work.

It doesn't matter whether you run a team of five, 20, or even 50.

You still have to keep up with every team member to ensure they are aligned, happy, and productive.

Of course, if you manage a team of 5-10 people, tracking your team's pulse won't pose a real challenge.

But what happens when more people join the team, and you now have about 50 people to manage? Or if you manage a hybrid or remote team. How do you cope without being overwhelmed by the pressure?

Through surveys.

Surveys are a reliable way to get honest employee feedback.

To create one that benefits you and your team, you need the help of trained professionals. However, if you're on a budget, this can be a far stretch for you.

That's where an employee feedback tool swoops in to save the day.

The right team pulse survey tool combines employee feedback with professional help.

You can spot issues on your team early enough. And you can access a wide range of helpful resources from professionals across the globe. When you take action on feedback, you give them a reason to trust you.

It's like Anne M. Mulcahy said:

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.

So, how do you know which tool is best for your team?

Should you choose OfficeVibe or 15Five, some of the more prominent employee engagement software?

These are fundamental questions you shouldn't ignore, and I'm here to guide you to make a choice that guarantees your success.

I'll walk you through how both tools compare.

And you'll also see why managers now use ShowUp as an alternative for real-time, continuous employee feedback.

Let's jump right in, starting with how each tool works.

How Officevibe works

Officevibe helps managers build better relationships with their teams. It engages your team and empowers you as a manager with the help of third-party integrations.

Managers can understand employees better as they express themselves without fear.

How, you ask?

Each week, Officevibe sends out anonymized weekly surveys to employees to analyze employee engagement’s ten key metrics.

From the visual report, managers can pinpoint problem areas and engage them in 1-on-1 conversations about their answers.

They can also access actionable tips and advice to take action on individual and team goals.

And they can send out detailed survey reports to your team and the rest of the company.

The tool has several third-party integrations such as Slack, Office 365, Google, Zenefits, and Yammer to improve collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

How 15Five works

15five creates and strengthens a lasting bond between managers and employees. It tracks and boosts employee performance, so they are happier, more engaged, and productive.


By ensuring managers know how employees think and feel about themselves, the managers, and the company.

The all-encompassing software offers features like weekly check-ins, pulse surveys, employee recognition, and people analytics.

Each week, 15five sends out check-ins to track the team's pulse. Then, managers and employees discuss problem areas (growth opportunities) to identify and remove roadblocks.

15Five has integrations with Slack, Workday, MS Teams, Jira Cloud, Salesforce, and Okta, to keep the workforce aligned, engaged, and productive.

Officevibe vs. 15Five

1. Key Features

What's the point of using software to track your team's pulse?

Well, I'd say getting real, honest employee feedback that pinpoints issues on your team.

The feedback from your team allows you to kickstart meaningful conversations during 1-on-1 or group meetings. Not to attack your team but to brainstorm on the way forward.

When you do this, you give your team a reason to trust you, and together, you can create a happy environment that encourages productivity (and attracts/retains top talents).

ShowUp, for instance, takes this approach.

Every week, you can strike a new conversation with the team to get their perspective on happenings within the company.

Each one of the six questions sent to their inbox addresses critical engagement metrics. Metrics that determine how attractive and progressive your company culture is.

The results displayed on the dashboard reveals your team's strengths as well as growth opportunities. So, you can focus your efforts on the areas that need work.

So what are the key features you must look out for?

  1. A bank of well-researched questions - to measure different employee engagement metrics.
  2. On-going Pulse Tracking - track team pulse weekly;
  3. 360-degree Feedback (Anonymous) - lets employees freely express their thoughts and managers get actionable insights;
  4. System Integration - connects with your existing business tools;
  5. Sharable Results and Reports for every team and the whole company
  6. Resources and Tools - to get action and advice, train employees (and managers), and boost engagement.
  7. Interactive Dashboard - to monitor progress over time.

The last two benefits are among why managers now choose ShowUp. It collects anonymous feedback from your employees and gives you actionable insights you can act on:

Showup - Anonymous Team Pulse Survey Process

Once the features listed above are available, you're off to a great start.

The good news is both OfficeVibe and 15Five have these features.

Officevibe brands itself as an employee engagement software. They provide real-time insights into employee happiness and productivity.

Additional features include:

  • Employee Recognition
  • Negative Feedback Management
  • Onboarding
  • Self Service Portal

On the flip side, 15five brands itself as a continuous performance management solution. In other words, it goes beyond pulse surveys and tracks team performance. Some additional features include:

  • Feedback Management.
  • Performance Management
  • Track Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • 1-on-1 Meetings.
  • Polls and Trends.
  • Employee Recognition
  • Ad hoc Analysis and Reporting
  • Customizable Templates
  • Goal Management
  • Individual Development Plans
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Peer Appraisals
  • Progress Tracking

2. Pricing

Price is a priority item most managers consider when choosing the right feedback tool.

And I'm pretty sure you're no exception.

Don't worry. I'm not judging.

It makes perfect sense because breaking the bank for a tool, no matter how efficient, isn't really a wise choice.

You can always get what you need at an affordable cost, and that's what I'm here to help you do.

Let's compare the pricing between Officevibe and 15five.

Officevibe Pricing

Officevibe adopts a 3-tier pricing model - Manager Essentials, Premium, and Annual Plan (Premium).

Depending on your team's unique needs (and your budget, of course), you can go for the free version or pay monthly or annually.

Here's what the pricing looks like:

Manager Essentials

Cost: FREE

A great choice if you're just starting.

Premium (Monthly)

Cost: $4 USD / user / month

A great choice for a team of five (or more).

Here's a typical cost breakdown:

  • Small (Up to 50 employees): $79 per month
  • Medium (Up to 100 employees): $149 per month
  • Large (Up to 250 employees): $349 per month

Premium (Annually)

Cost: 3.33$ USD / user / month, billed annually

A great choice for a team of five (or more).

Here's a typical cost breakdown:

  • Small (Up to 50 employees): $65.83 per month (paid annually)
  • Medium (Up to 100 employees): $124.17 per month (paid annually)
  • Large (Up to 250 employees): $290.83 per month (paid annually)

Enterprises (over 2500 employees) can contact Officevibe for a quote for pricing.

15five Pricing

15five has a 3-tier pricing model - Basic, Plus, and Performance.

Depending on your team's unique needs (and your budget, of course), you can choose one of these three options.

Here's what the pricing looks like:


Best for: Essentials for large teams and small organizations.

Cost: $7 /per person, per month (billed annually)


Best for: Organizations of all sizes.

Cost: $14 /per person, per month (billed annually)


Custom pricing (with everything 15Five has to offer)

For both software, you can try them for free before you choose to commit. For 15five, the free trial has limited features, but it's just enough to show you how effective the tool is.

For Officevibe, the freemium version has limited team history and zero customer support.

3. Customer Support

Besides having an efficient product, the one thing that sets average companies apart from great ones is:

Excellent Customer Support.

Customer Support is critical if you want to succeed in your employee engagement efforts. You need proactive customer support to make the process seamless and resolve issues instantly.

Without this kind of support, you'll struggle to get the best results from whichever software you choose.

So, what kind of support do Officevibe and 15five give their customers?

Officevibe supports customers via different channels like Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat.

15five, on the other hand, supports customers via Live Chat, Email, and FAQ/Knowledge Base.

4. Third-Party Integrations

Imagine you want to develop an app that allows teams to collaborate and manage projects all in one place.

Of course, you'll need a platform for team communication to avoid silos.

One option would be to build one from scratch.

But the simpler, more efficient solution would be to integrate an internal communication tool like Slack.

That's what we call Third-Party Integration.

You should carefully select the employee feedback software - one that supports integrations from your team's existing tools (or new tools you might want to try out).

With these integrations, you can save more time, boost productivity, and seamlessly link other software essential to your business.

Think of it as having all your business operations in one place.

Officevibe and 15five do a great job with integrating different software into their platforms. They both integrate collaboration, communication, project management, and HR tools. Tools that are important for building stronger, aligned teams.

However, you shouldn’t use any software simply because it has several third-party integrations. What matters most is they fit right into your engagement needs.

Now, let’s take a look at the integrations you get with Officevibe and 15five.


  • Real-time Recognition - Microsoft Teams
  • Team Collaboration - Slack, Office 365
  • 1-on-1 meetings Setup - Google Calendar
  • Team Communication - Yammer
  • People Operations Platform - Zenefits
  • Sync your HRIS solutions - BambooHR
  • Custom Integration


  • Synchronize Employee Data - Workday
  • Real-time Recognition - Microsoft Teams
  • Team Collaboration - Slack
  • 1-on-1 meetings Setup - Google Calendar
  • Access Management - Okta
  • Integration Platform to Connect Web Apps - Zapier
  • Sync your HRIS solutions - BambooHR and Namely
  • Streamline processes - Jira Cloud and Salesforce
  • Employee Experience - Olifano
  • Single Click, Secure Access - One Login
  • HR onboarding - Sapling HR
  • HR Analytics - Employee Cycle

Did you notice 15five has more third-party integrations? Well, that can only affect your choice if you need every one of these tools. Or most of them.

Officevibe vs. 15Five Comparison Chart

Officevibe 15Five
Key Features A bank of well-researched questions, weekly surveys, anonymous employee feedback, third-party integrations, easy-to-share reports, trends, resources and tools, employee recognition, negative feedback management, onboarding, and self-service portal. A bank of well-researched questions, weekly surveys, anonymous employee feedback, third-party integrations, easy-to-share reports, trends, resources and tools, feedback management, Track Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), 1-on-1 Meetings. Polls and Trends, and Employee Recognition.
Best for Team Managers and HR Leaders in distributed teams and startups Managers, Directors, VPs, and C-level executives at progressive organizations
Pricing 3 tier pricing model (paid monthly/annually) 4 tier pricing model (paid monthly)
Training Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, and Videos In-Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, and Videos
Support Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat Email/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, and Chat
Integrations Slack, Office 365, Google, Zenefits, Bamboo HR, Yammer, and Custom Integration. Slack, Workday, Bamboo HR, Namely, Olifano, MS Teams, Jira Cloud, Salesforce, Zapier, One Login, Sapling HR, Employee Cycle, Google Calendar, and Okta

Final Verdict: Which one is best for employee feedback?

From the comparison chart, 15five has more features.

This is fair because it doubles up as performance management software.

Most reviewers (product users) on (and several other trusted business software review platforms) leaned towards 15five than OfficeVibe.

Overall, 15five is easier to use, set up, and navigate. They also have better customer support and features. Even though it is pricey, it’s a worthy investment. It’s more value for money!

Conclusion: A Team Pulse Survey Tool For Continuous Employee Feedback

The right employee feedback tool should have:

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly surveys or monthly (compared to traditional annual surveys).
  2. 5-10 questions, so it's easy to complete.
  3. Focuses on specific topics that determine company culture.
  4. Tracks the same topics (using different questions) over time.
  5. Provides relevant resources to help you take immediate action.

Going through our review of Officevibe and 15five, what did you notice?

They both offer more features than needed for employee feedback.

What’s worse?

They try to measure too many metrics all at once.

You could get lost in the sea of data and forget which metrics align with your company’s core values.

Also, you’re spending more money on lots of features you may never use. With the global pandemic still affecting revenue generation, cutting excesses to save money should be your priority.

As a startup or growth-stage company on a budget, you don’t need a full-blown HR / People Ops solution that includes OKRs, 1-on-1’s, and other people management features.

You also don’t have to spend your time creating, scheduling, and analyzing huge (not-so-relevant) data. Neither do you need to hire professionals.

What you need most is a low-cost, no-fuss, fully automated team pulse solution that focuses your efforts, specifically on building a stronger team (and a healthier company culture).

That’s where ShowUp, a team pulse survey software, comes in.

ShowUp is a platform designed with founders and managers on a shoestring budget. It lets you track their team’s pulse anonymously on a weekly (or bi-weekly) basis.

Instead of trying to measure too many metrics all at once, ShowUp focuses on six critical essential team and company-wide metrics:

  1. Alignment
  2. Innovation
  3. Trust
  4. Passion
  5. Transparency
  6. Respect

These traits show whether or not you have a healthy company culture.

When you get it right in these six areas, you’ll see a continuous increase in engagement, productivity, retention, and of course, profits.

Employees give their voice by answering the six questions.

Then ShowUp presents the results in an easy-to-understand manner so you can easily see your team’s strengths and spot potential problem areas. Critical areas that need urgent attention.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

You also get easy access to expert advice via the digital resource library.

So, not only are you getting feedback from your team. You have full access to expert minds across the globe. Resources that’d help you take action and create the change your company desperately needs.

But that’s not even the best part.

You don’t have to bleed your account dry to lay your hands on an efficient employee feedback tool.

You can become a beta user at zero cost. Yes, it is free for six months while we are in Beta. And your feedback can help us 10x your experience. Your team deserves the best, after all.

This way, you can get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors (and keep your top talents from jumping ship). And you can have a happy, productive team.

Ready to listen and take action on your team’s feedback with ShowUp?

Start your 6-month free trial right away. No credit card is required.

Is your team aligned? Find out what they think.

Measure and know where to improve your team culture so that everyone enjoys showing up to work.

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