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We’re looking for CEOs, HR Directors, and Team Managers who have the courage to give their employees a voice, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and show up for their team. Sound like you?

Three steps to workplace culture measurement

How early access (beta) works?

We let you use our team pulse and culture measurement product for six months at no cost to you in exchange for your regular feedback and insights.

Fill out a quick application

Answer the seven questions and tell us about yourself, company and team. Most importantly we'd like to know why you're interesting in measuring your culture and what you hope to gain from doing so.

We make sure we're a match

We work very closely with our early users and adjust our roadmap based on their feedback. Your answers let us know if we're compatible and help us make sure ShowUp is the best option for you right now.

We let you know if you're in!

If your company is a good fit we'll send an invitation to sign up within a couple of days of filling out the application. If we feel it's not the right time, we'll keep you on our list and reach back out when we officially launch.

Frequently asked questions

If you're interested but need a little more information? Book a demo and we'll show you how easy it is to give your team a voice and get feedback on your culture.

What does "Early Access" mean?

ShowUp is currently in invite-only mode. We're working out kinks and collecting valuable feedback from beta users. Right now we're looking for early adopters who:

  • want to understand what their employees truly think of their workplace culture
  • don't want to research questions or compile and send a long engagement survey to the whole company
  • don't have the time or resources to analyze the results of a giant survey but can spend a small amount of time each week viewing feedback on six targeted culture metrics
  • are willing try ShowUp for six months and give unfiltered feedback to help us build a world-class team pulse and culture measurement product
How many employees can ShowUp handle?
There is no limit on the amount of employees you can add to the product. However, we have not yet developed a way to bulk import a large email list to make the invitation process quicker.
Will employees mind doing a survey every week?
By only asking six question a week we find that employees don't mind taking the 2-3 minutes to complete the pulse surveys. But we do have a bi-weekly option should you need more time to review the feedback.
Can I ask employees my own questions?
Not at the moment. Currently ShowUp has a database of sixty questions that are broken up into six main metrics (Alignment, Innovation, Passion, Respect, Transparency, and Trust) and thirty sub-metrics.